Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Thoughts On Tattooing


There is no special reason why we chose this topic to be our first post, except that one of us got her first tattoo last week, so we thought why not write a little bit about it...

So, before we actually explain the meaning behind Marija's tattoo and reason why she decided to get it, we just want to make it clear that not everyone likes them and it's ok! There is loads of prejudice about tattooing, but it's your body and you can do whatever you want with it. Also, you shouldn't judge other people for getting theirs.

Today people get tattoos for many reasons. Whether it has some deep meaning for them or it's just a way to express themselves and their artistic side.
Personally, we agree with the quote "Life is too short, get a tattoo." Of course, we don't say that you shouldn't think about it wisely. You just have to make sure that you won't regret it later. That's why we don't recommend getting a tattoo before age of 18, 'cause it's probably gonna be something you won't be proud of later. Even though, if you've already done it, it can be cute and will remind you of some happy times from your childhood.

But let's get back to Marija and her tattoo. So she wanted a tattoo since elementary school. Obviously, it was not a good time, primarily because of her parents. But, since her wish did not change over the years, she decided it is a pretty good reason to finally do it.
As you can see on the photo, it is on Russian, since Marija is Russian. Translation of it is: "Never a failure, always a lesson." But if literally translated it means: "Every error - it is a lesson."
If being honest, there's no specific reason that made her chose those words. For now, we guess. So it's more like a life motto that she tries to live by. If you're wondering if it hurts, it does a little bit. The feeling is more like pricking rather than pain. But it's definately something that you can survive.

So, our advice is that you should get it if you really want to. Even though it is just some art that you think would look good on your body and especially if it's something that has strong meaning to you. You should, for sure, find a good and confidential artist. Also, for your first tattoo you should choose something minimalistic, just to test your pain limits.
Of course, we should not forget that today you have ways to easily remove it, but then again, why do it now, if you already think about removing it?

TMC team,

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