About Us

Hello guys, first of all we just want to tell you how glad we are that you visited our blog and got curious enough to also check this page and find out more about who we are!
So let’s begin. We are two very best friends from Belgrade, Serbia who decided to start their own blog generally about everything we both love: fashion, makeup, traveling, food and of course coffee!
We met in elementary school, which means we know each other for almost 11 years! We went to the same high school, but unfortunately our ways got separated when it comes to university. But that didn’t affect our friendship, in fact we’re now closer than ever.

Our first attempt of creating online content was making forum when we were 14 years old, but starting highschool lead to its end… As years passed by we discovered our interest for photography (Anita) and love for writing (Marija) which was an inspiration for starting this blog.

You probably wonder how we came up with the name of the blog. Well, just to be clear it was not simple, we sat for like an hour thinking and brainstorming until we finally decided. We made a list of all the things we both love and agreed that we can’t live without coffee and tea where you can find caffeine. Also we both need a lot of time to fall asleep and the cause of that can possibly be too much caffeine. So we all know that too is also spelled as 2, so voila! There you go 2 Much Caffeine.

TMC team,


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